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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - a multiplayer toy in the new genre of "Battle Royale"! The story of the game's appearance begins with the lead designer of ArmA 2, Brendan Green, who created a new game mode for online shooters and called it "Battle Royale". Later, Brendan Green decided to create his own game based on his new "Battle Royale" mode. The pub appeared on Steam in the first half of 2017.

PUBG Steam macros are relevant for use in 2022 for the latest update.

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The enemy doesn't give you a chance to survive in your favorite PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game? Forget about it with high-quality scripts and macros from FLUMBIX!

Macros in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds almost completely optimize your shooting in horizontal recoil compensation! It should be clearly understood that macros for PUBG are not a cheat, you can play PUBG without fear of being banned, the use of gaming devices in the game is not detected.

Macros are written on the loaded weapon configuration to increase accuracy, keep this in mind when replacing or missing modules that affect the recoil! Most of the weapons in the PUBG game have a decent spread and random accuracy even in the first shots. The installation of modules that reduce horizontal and vertical spread at a high rate of fire will nominally increase accuracy, with a decrease in the rate of fire, the accuracy with such modules increases significantly!
The weapon has 3 firing options: single, burst and automatic. Better accuracy can be achieved when shooting single shots, but at a short distance, a fully automatic clamp will be more effective. Which mode to use the choice is yours!

We have prepared packs for scripts and macros for the entire arsenal of weapons in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that can be mixed with popular Logitech, A4tech Bloody, Razer gaming mice.

You get all macros on our website forever! PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds macros are regularly updated with the release of the new season, we check the changes in recoil, fix, add new weapons, and update macros with the ability to download for free - you don't have to pay again for previously purchased macros, just download a new set again!

All PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds weapons in one No Recoil Mega Logitech Script!

Features of the Logitech PUBG No Recoil Script:

  • basic settings in the game-sensitivity 45%;
  • switching the script to lower sensitivity 22%;
  • switching the script for X3, X4, and X6 scopes via CapsLock;
  • plug-in protection against accidental clicks of paint coatings;
  • COMING SOON in the next update - support for semi-automatic operation (you need to reassign the executable Attack button);
  • action indication (ON, OFF, switch weapons, pause);
  • script support up to Windows version 1909 (check-press WIN+R and then "winver").

Weapon "Mega" Script 22 in 1:

  • ACE32
  • AKM
  • AUG
  • Beryl
  • DP28
  • G36
  • Groza
  • QBZ
  • K2
  • M249
  • M416
  • MG3
  • MK14
  • SCAR
  • Vintorez
  • Bizon
  • MP5K
  • P90
  • Tommy
  • UMP
  • Uzi
  • Vector

Universal "Multi" weapon Script:

  • optimal use with assault rifles
  • for submachine guns and submachine guns use with vertical sensitivity adjustment

After the purchase, you will receive an archive of macros
with LUA files and instructions.

Are PUBG scripts banned for Logitech?

It is very easy to exclude the possibility of a ban for using any Logitech scripts in the game Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - just follow the important rule "Embed the script only in the DESKTOP profile", but for PUBG this is not a prerequisite.

Supported models of Logitech Gaming G Series mice: G100s, G102, G203, G300s, G300, G302, G303, G305 (wired connection only), G400s, G400, G402, G403 (Wired connection only), G403 Wireless (Wired connection only), G403, G500s, G500, G502 RGB, G502 PROTEUS CORE Tunable, G502 HERO, G502, G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable, G600 MMO, G600, G603 Wireless (Wired connection only), G603, G604, G700s, G703 Wireless (Wired connection only), G703 Wireless (Wired connection only), G9X, G9, G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade (Wired connection only), G900 Wireless (wired connection only), G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless (wired connection only), G Pro Wireless (wired connection only), PRO Wireless (wired connection only), MX518. Wireless on batteries are not supported. The list of mice may be incomplete - check compatibility before buying or see the current list here

All PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds weapons in one No Recoil Mega Pack Bloody!

Features of No Recoil of Bloody macros for PUBG:

  • The main settings in the game are 25% or 45% sensitivity.%;
  • almost complete arsenal of macro weapons;
  • contains macro versions for loaded with improved level 3 modules;
  • for assault and Marksaman rifles, versatility of use with any riflescopes (requires adjustment by riflescope), maximum accuracy for x1 and x3 riflescopes;
  • support for any version of Windows, but starting with Windows 10 20H1 20H2, there is a possibility that you will need to increase sensitivity in the game - a rare and random little-studied behavior of the Bloody program (check-press WIN+R and then "winver").

Mega Weapons Pack 29 in 1:

  • assault rifle ACE32, АК47, AUG, Beryl, G36, Groza, QBZ, K2, M16A4, M416, Mutant, SCAR-H
  • lmg DP28, M249, MG3
  • dmr Mini 14, MK12, MK14, QBU, SKS, SLR - general universal (Mini 14, QBU, SKS, SLR)
  • Vintorez
  • smg Bizon, MP5K, P90, Tommy, UMP, Uzi, Vector
  • shotgun DBS (optional)

Weapons "Top Guns" pack 10 in 1:

  • assault rifle АК47, M16A4, Mutant
  • dmr Mini 14, QBU, SKS, SLR-general universal
  • smg Tommy, UMP, Uzi

Assault Rifle Pack 10 in 1:

  • АК47, AUG, Beryl, G36, Groza, QBZ, M16A4, M416, Mutant, SCAR-H

A unique "Universal" macro:

  • optimal use with assault rifles
  • for submachine guns and submachine guns use with vertical sensitivity adjustment

After purchase, you will receive an archive of macros
with MG or MG N2, AMC files (optional if there are LMB versions)
and instructions.

Are Bloody macros banned in PUBG?

It is impossible to get a BAN for playing with macros using the Bloody or X7 mouse. Macros of these mice work only from internal memory, so no anti-cheat is able to fix the use of macros.

Macros for mice Bloody RT7, RT5, R8 Skull N Wireless Mouse, R80, R70, R30, AL90, TL90, TL80, TL70, TL60, TL50 Terminator, ML160, ZL50, W60 MAX, W60 PRO, J95S, J95, J95 RGB PIXART, J90S, J90, P93S, P93, P93 BULLET GREY, P93 BLACK, P91S, P91, P91 PRO, P85S, P85, P85 RGB, P85 SPORT, J95S, J95, J95 RGB PIXART, J90S, J90, P93S, P93, P93 BULLET GREY, P93 BLACK, P91S, P91, P91 PRO, P85S, P85, P85 RGB, P85 SPORT, N50, N50 Infinity Shatter - Ivory White, V9M, V8M, V8, V7M, V7, V5M, V5, V4M, V3M, V3, A9081, A9071, A6081, V7M71 for Bloody 7 programs.

All PUB weapons in one NoRecoil Mega Razer pack!

Razer macros in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are linear (simple without horizontal compensation)!

Features of No Recoil Razer Macros for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds:

  • the main settings in the game are sensitivity 45%;
  • an almost complete arsenal of macro weapons;
  • versatility of use with any sights (adjustment by sights is required).

Weapon "Mega" pack ALL in 1:


After the purchase, you will receive an archive of macros
with XML files and instructions.

Do they ban macros in PUBG for Razer?

It is impossible to get BANNED for playing with macros using Razer mice. Because there are no macros at the moment!

Macros for mice compatible with Razer Synapse 3 software: Abyssus, Basilisk, Basilisk V2, DeathAdder, DeathAdder Essential, DeathAdder V2, DeathAdder V2 Mini, Lancehead, Lancehead Wireless, Mamba, Naga, Viper Mini, Viper. The list may not be complete and if your Razer mouse is not in this list, try installing Razer Synapse 3 software - if the mouse is determined, the macros will work.


- updated and tested or verified for the latest version of the game!


- the highest possible accuracy and a proportionately optimal price!


- instant receipt and availability at any time in your personal account!


- free macro updates for the entire duration of the game's popularity!


Accuracy test in the game

The peculiarity of the recoil is such that the recoil pattern changes randomly when firing, but many did not fully understand the recoil system itself in PUBG. The recoil system in PUBG, for example in CS comparison:GO and PUBG, the main difference is: CS recoil pattern:The GO for each weapon does not change with each shot, and in PUBG all weapons have a recoil pattern with randomized variables (constantly changing). After you start shooting PUBG, the game randomly changes the recoil pattern relative to each subsequent shot (randomness increases the greater the multiplicity of your sight). Random variables are insignificant, but in general it stretches to a significant one and it is impossible to predict exactly how the recoil of the weapon will behave as soon as you have fired more than 5-7 bullets in full automatic mode. This is the reason why it is not possible to create a perfect macro for weapons in PUBG. You can only help control random recoil withdrawals of weapons, but you will never be able to control it 100%. Random changes in the recoil pattern are clearly traced after a large number of shootings without correction.

In this video you can visually follow the accuracy of weapons in the PUBG game! For the accuracy of the experiment, a slow-motion recording of the test firing and marked with colored dots the first shot (green) and the second (red). The next shot always flies randomly regardless of the rate of fire. The spread with the x6 sight at a distance of up to 100 meters sometimes exceeds the size of the head, which reduces the effectiveness of using macros at long distances for sights to zero. The best shooting accuracy with sights with macro enabled and manual fine-tuning, and in general, this test is a visual indicator of the overall accuracy for the entire arsenal of weapons in the game.






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